Sunday, 17 April 2011

S2T4W3: Gamification, Funware, Puzzle Building, Professor Teaches


1. Exploring Gamification Trends

Some games are based on real life (like Football Manager), but what if we made life more like games. This trend has been growing over recent months. It is the trend towards Gamification or the development of so-called FunWare.

The idea is to bring the ideas of game mechanics and dynamics into everyday life, particularly for mundane everyday takss that no one wants to do. One example is the website ChoreWars where you can create a game to divy up homework amongst family members. The idea is to tap into our intrinsic motivations to get us to do the dirty work. Techniques involved typically include some or all of the following:
* Rewards
* Skills buliding
* Achievements (e.g. FourSquare Badges)
* Levels
* Leader Boards (for status/respect) uses the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology types to classify Player Personality Types into four types: Achievers, Explorers, Socializers and Killers. Which one are you? Leave a comment.

Gamification Workshop 2010
View more presentations from Amy Kim


And finally some negative views on the gamification trend:

Played Out - Designer Slams Gamification Trend

The Downside of Gamification

Why gamification is not a positive force: "If you incentivise a human to do something, he will do exactly that and nothing else. Humans are really good at gaming systems and I guarantee you that any generation raised by such a dishonest and corrupting idea will revolt against it – after they gamed it to their assumed advantage.  Means: They will find a way to do the 25 math exercises without remembering them. Just like I don’t remember a single thing from my diploma tests: Because at that time I couldn’t care less about the real issues. I was busy trying to beat a system. Which taught me completely different things than intended. More important than doing something is doing it for the right reasons. Once you are doing things for points and not for what they are really about, who stops you from doing *placeholder*?"
What are your views of this gamifying trend. Is funware the way of the future or a gimmicky trend? Leave a comment.

2. Puzzle Building

Today I want us to cover the basics of constructing your own HTML puzzle. I have created an example puzzle for you as a guide. You needn't follow it precisely, but it will help you if you are unsure of what to do. You can find the files under Secondary/Curriculum/Computing/Puzzle. You should aim to get the first 4 pages completed today so we can continue later in the week.


3. Professor Teaches Web Fundamentals Chapter Three

If you have time today, begin working through Chapter Three of the Web Fundamentals course, we will do a brief quiz on the Web Fundamentals that covers this content on Friday.


4. Truthful Logos

5. IE Woes



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somethimes im a killer sometimes im an explorer

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